The government has threatened to sack a section of employees who are working under Kazi Mtaani Program.

According to Nyamira county commissioner Amos Mariba some employees under kazi Mtaani program in Nyamira county are not reporting to work every day and others report to work late hours against the agreement something that may send them home

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” The government introduced Kazi Mtaani program to help our people but we have discovered some of employees are not even working every day and others come late hours the government will send the home,” said Mariba.

He also said it is difficult for the government to pay people who are not working since when the employees report to work they just sign in and out evening time.

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“We have also discovered some may sign in and out after 30 minutes without knowing that the system shows every thing they should prepare to go home,” he added

The government introduced Kazi Mtaani program to create employment for kenyans during this coronavirus pandemic period .

He also challenged all supervisors under the program to do their job as it supposed to be done for transparency.

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Kazi Mtaani program is cleaning towns and opening roads in various places in the country.

So far over 280,000 youth have been recruited across all parts of the country.


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