Teachers under the Board of Management (BOM) can finally smile after the long awaited update from the ministry of education on their payment was finally delivered by the government through Chief Administrative Secretary in charge CAS Zack Kinuthia.

Taking to his Facebook page on Wednesday night, CAS Zack finally cleared the air on when the BOM teachers should expect their payment and even went further to talk about how much they should expect.

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The outspoken leader noted that the teachers will have been paid by the end of next week (week staring from Monday, August 17th 2020) and gave his assurance that just like before, he is faithful that they will have been paid by then.

In terms of how much the teachers will receive as their payment, CAS Zack noted that teachers might not get the full amount they are normally paid, but they should be grateful for whatever little the government will afford to give them.

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The CAS also noted that the money was reversed because the ministry had erroneously updated the Ifmis system before an update was sent to the Treasury.

He noted that they had to first give an update to the ministry of finance so that they could facilitate the release of the money to the school accounts and the same will be done by the said week.

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In terms of the private schools in the country and the government’s plan to cushion them, the CAS noted that the government will give an update on whether it will be possible to come in for them.

All the teachers have since been asked to be patient enough as the government will finally fulfill their part as promised.


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