Teachers have once again received good news after TSC unveiled a detailed new appointment and deployment procedure which will see them benefit not only in career progression but can also easily access the employer after decentralization of services.

According to Teachers Updates Publication of 25th July, a new strategic plan by TSC has ensured that a number of teachers will be promoted to administrative positions and will also get assistance in any matters including employment and progression from the Regional Directors of Education who will work with County Directors and TSC headquarters in ensuring that services are rendered well.

In the appointment and deployment of institutional administrators, the commission has directed that the process be coordinated by the regional office. TSC acknowledges that it is a very sensitive matter and has asked the regional directors to carry out the process in a transparent and accountable manner.

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The appointment and deployment of administrators has been aligned with the job evaluation report of 2016 which focuses on the worth of every job in the teaching service. The regional office is to chair the regional selection panel responsible for the appointment and deployment of institutional administrators.for county, sub county and day secondary schools.

To easen the process, tabulated number of administrators has been established with regard to the classes and maximum enrolment. Check the table below.

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Deputy principals and senior masters of secondary schools as per the curriculum based establishment:

Additionally, an establishment of various departments to be headed by senior teachers has been made with 6 core departments being established in primary schools that is;

1.social studies, technical and creative arts

  1. Science and mathematics
  2. Languages
  3. Boarding
  4. Co-curricular activities
  5. Guidance and counselling

For special needs in primary schools, the employer has established academic mentorship and quality and assurance positions which are not captured in the earlier category.

For Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) the commission has set the numbers as follows:

Secondary schools which usually has high numbers due to more subject specifications offered, the number of senior administrators is higher compared to primary schools and teacher training colleges. Here, the number of appointment will purely rely on number of classes and maximum enrolment. The lowest group with 180 students as maximum enrolment will have 9 CBE, while the highest enrolment of 1800 will have 85 CBE. Check the following table for details.

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It therefore means the the teachers employer is way ahead in planing for better management of institutions as the new competency based curriculum continues to be rolled out.

Teachers in job group C4 formerly M and some in C3 formerly L, may find themselves occupying the administrative positions to help ensure proper management is achieved.


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