The teachers had high expectations this year on their salary and allowances increments after their employer gave proposals last year that the lowest paid will benefit by 32% while the highest by a 16%increase if the new CBA was to be implemented as from July this year.

This was simply cut short after SRC that deals with salaries for government workers announced that there will be no increments in the coming two years. The unions later came up and asked for negotiations by giving a notice to the employer.

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Tough the commission had remained silent on the same, today it has broke it’s silence by inviting the Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers on its talks.

According to the employer, the meeting is scheduled tomorrow Tuesday 29th June 2021 with CBA negotiations being main reason for calling it.

This is good news to teachers who have been waiting eagerly to hear on the issue and also to remove any benefit of doubt that they will not be beneficiaries though the issue had been raised and handled before. The teachers should therefore wait to hear results of the meeting through their union.

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