Teachers employed by Teachers Service Commission and other civil servants working under public service Commission, ministries and departments have a reason to smile.

This is after the ministry of treasury and National planning made Proposals that will culminate in salary rises in the next financial year.

In the proposals reported by daily nation, teachers Service Commission will be allocated Ksh 15 billion for hiring of new teachers and payrise for those already in the payroll.

This therefore means that the Commission has to finally include monetary component in a CBA which was signed this year with teachers.

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In the CBA, teachers were only given extended maternity and paternity leaves without a salary rise component to the chargring of the Unions.

This will be good news to tutors who are expected to implement the competency based curriculum whose pioneer grade will be joining junior secondary school in 2023.

The government is also keen on hiring more teachers to help in CBC implementation given the influx of students expected.

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The ministry of education has yet again been given the Lion’s share of the budgetary allocation whereby the government seeks to pump ksh 525.94 billion which is ksh 21.97 billion more than last year’s allocation.

On the other hand, Uhuru government has also allocated Ksh 70.8 billion to various ministries for salary increment for civil servants.

This will undoubtedly see recurrent expenditure increase to high levels and will most likely give the next government difficult time sourcing for funds.

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In the proposals, the government intends to spend Ksh 3.3 trillion for the financial year 2022/2023 for both development and recurrent expenditure.

The incoming government will have to look for extra Ksh 342.2 billion from revenue to finance the ambitious expenditure plans.

Kenyans should therefore be ready to pay more taxes inorder to enhance Uhuru’s post Covid-19 economic recovery strategy and the floundering big four agenda.


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