Primary school teachers who scored grade C plain and want to get promotion to teach in secondary schools have a reason to smile. According to Teachers Service Commission boss Dr. Nancy Macharia, they will adopt Schemes of Service to determine the promotion of these teachers. Schemes of Service will base mainly on the performance of teachers.

Macharia says that for a long time, teachers have stagnated in the same job group because the method used in promotion does not favour them. The traditional system of promotion based on the length of stay in the service. The longer the duration a teacher took in service the higher chances of being promoted.

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Macharia now says that this method will no longer be used. Teachers who perform well in their subject areas will be given first priority in promotion. This is the reason why the Teachers Service Commission introduced Tpad. It helps TSC to monitor the performance of teachers in their subject areas. Primary school teachers with grade C plain will be given equal opposed in promotion basing on their performance.

A section of primary school teachers has been going through a hard time for a long time despite investing heavily to acquire higher academic papers.

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Since January 2014, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) ended automatic promotion for primary and secondary school teachers who upgraded their certificates.

This is because the government directed TSC to halt all promotions that are based on academic qualifications.

However, the Commission adopted a more rewarding scheme for teachers. It dropped Schemes of Service (SoS) which guaranteed automatic promotion for teachers who furthered their studies.

Instead, TSC replaced SoS with Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) for teachers. According to TSC CEO Nancy Macharia, the Commission is concerned with teacher performance than mere academic papers.

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This explains why from the year 2016 the Commission has put more effort into improving and training teachers on TPAD (Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development).

The teacher’s employer has repeatedly said CPG is superior to SoS and that it has ended job stagnation for teachers.

However, the outcry from Diploma teachers and teachers who have upgraded their certificates has raised eyebrows on the effectiveness of CPG.


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