TSC plans to extend the serving period of 4005 interns whose one year term was to end in December this year.

This means that the total number of teachers on internship would increase to 6000. Around 2000 interns who were recruited early this are expected to report to school in January.

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The recruitment of interns, the Commission says, it is meant to address the teacher shortage in schools.

An Intern Teacher attached to a primary school gets a monthly stipend of Shs 15,000 while their colleagues in high school earns Shs 20000.

TSC was formed to give teachers one employer and uniform terms and conditions of service. It was charged with mandate of registering, employing, promoting, disciplining and paying teachers.

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Therefore it is the role of the Teachers Service Commission to address the teacher shortage and other challenges facing teaching fraternity in their jurisdiction.

However, the Ministry of Education is important in the Kenyan education, but it provides curriculum and financial support to schools.


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