After waiting for about two months from the time the KCSE and KCPE examinations were conducted, marked and released, The Kenya National Examination Council has finally paid the teachers. This is the first time KNEC has delayed teachers allowances for that long. It is a clear show that something is wrong with the examination body and should be corrected immediately. Failure to rectify, the teachers might fail to accept the invitation come next year.

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The good news of payment of allowances comes at a time when Dr. Mercy Karogo vacates the office after serving for six years, ushering in Dr. David Njeng’ere as a new CEO. However, it will not be easy for Dr. Njeng’ere because of underlying issues he is expected to fight like examination cheating, poor payments of teachers and mismanagement of public money. Here is the evidence to show that KNEC has paid the examiners.

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PFA4YJ8P9E Confirmed. You have received Ksh7,820.00 from KNEC on 10/6/21 at 3:17 PM. New M-PESA balance is Ksh7, 820.75. Separate personal and business funds through Pochi la Biashara on *334#.


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