TSC is priming itself to determine the fate of Internship teachers before their contract runs out at the end of the year both for senior and junior interns.

This is after the teachers service Commission announced 6674 vacant positions in December last year which saw registered teachers fill those vacant positions.

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What was funny is that some senior interns were barred from submitting their applications through the teachers service Commission portal. This posed a challenge and left senior interns wondering what will be their next move.

What’s now mind blowing the senior interns teachers is what will happen when their contract comes to an end after it was extended for another one year.

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From reliable sources, it’s clear that the senior interns and other intern teachers will not get a direct ticket into TSC permanent and Pensionable jobs without going through the due process.

This has been done to bring equity and equality amongst all the graduates since there are intern teachers who might have graduated recently and secured an internship job and another graduate did not secure an internship position but graduated earlier.

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They argued that if they confirm these intern teachers it will disadvantage those who have stayed out for a long time.


  1. If the tsc says by giving interns direct ticket to permanent jobs they will disadvantage other, then by doing that they are disadvantaging interns especially the ones who have now served 2 years under a peanut pay, away from their homes. So painful


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