Teachers in the country have all the reasons to smile in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic after the Teachers Service Commision implemented the final Phase of the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in 2015.

This means that several teachers will get increased pay end of this month, pay which has started streaming into their banks and pockets.

In the new salary scale, the highest paid teacher, chief principal, will receive well over Ksh. 157, 000 and the lowest paid teacher, Primary Teacher II will take home over Ksh 27,000. The total cumulative amount to be paid to teachers in improved salaries is Ksh. 54 billion.

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The biggest beneficiaries of the pay hike are the chief principals, principals, Deputy Principals, Heads of Departments and Senior Teachers.

There has been a public debate whether teachers should be paid yet they are not working considering that schools have been closed until next year due to Covid-19 pandemic.

However, TSC and teachers unions have maintained that teachers deserve to be paid as it is not their making that they are not in school.

In the new deal now the administrators have won maximum benefits from the government.

Chief principals salary has moved from Ksh. 121,324 and they will be earning minimum of Ksh. 131,380 to Ksh. 157,857.

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Senior principal D4, have been earning between Ksh. 109,240 and Ksh. 118,365 and will now be earning between Ksh. 118,242 and Ksh. 121,890.

Principal D3, who have been earning, Ksh. 93,850 to Ksh. 102,307 will now be earning Ksh. 104, 500.

D2, deputy principal III, who have been earning up to Ksh. 87,900 now will be earning Ksh. 91,041.

Those in D1 will be earning maximum of Ksh. 85,289.

Those under group C5, will be earning salary of Ksh. 62,562.

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C4 will be earning Ksh. 52,306.

C3, teachers will be earning a salary of Ksh. 55,845 from Ksh. 52,267.

Those in C2 group will not benefit hence will still be earning their initial pay.

Those in C2 group will get an increase from Ksh. 33,971 to Ksh. 34,955.

C1,B5 will not benefit from the CBA this time.

This CBA was signed back in 2017 after teachers industrial strike.

Throughout its implementation the administrators have been benefiting much while classroom teachers benefit minimumly.

The next CBA is likely to be signed soon when learning resumes in the country.


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