Michael Njogo Gitonga might finally attract the attention of President Uhuru Kenyatta after he gave an emotional interview about his resemblance with the President.

Speaking in the interview with Inooro TV, the man who is popularly known as Uhunye in the to his colleagues said, only his mother who can answer questions on his paternity.

Njogo said that his late mother, who was a security officer in Gatundu before his birth, is the only one who could make things clear on who his father was.

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However, he stated that he likes Uhuru and respects him as the head of state. Michael wishes that if his biological father was alive, he would be glad for him to come out publicly and confirm that he fathered him, and bless him.

Njogo has a striking physical resemblance to the president, talks and laughs the same as the head of state.

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He has a family and has sired three children a daughter and two sons.

He however lamented how much impoverished he has been made since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic after being forced to close down his bar.

He further added that his resemblance with Uhuru sometimes makes his financial situation worse as he is forced part with the little he has giving to needy people who mill around him.

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On a positive note, he says the resemblance sometimes brings him goodluck, giving an example of a day he was treated specially and even released without being fined by Buruburu Police Officers after being arrested past curfew time.


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