Back then,TSC was welcoming and encouraging teachers to further their studies.This was giving teachers hope of future promotions.

There are very many P1 teachers who were promoted with these qualifications.Many of them are even headmasters and headmistresses in some primary schools.

Currently,there are teachers who are in the process of getting these grades.These teachers have been caught unaware with the unfolding events.

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All the P1 teachers are currently being trained for Diploma cause inline with the new CBC curriculum.

This literally means that the minimum requirement for P1 recruitment will be Diploma in Primary Education.

Now,the teachers who had spent their money in obtaining these qualifications are the most disadvantaged lot.This means that they will not need any new salaries increments using these certificates since their counterparts in TTC’s are undergoing this and will soon join them in their current salary bracket.

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With all the P1 teachers automatically promoted to C1 grade,this has put the fate of their qualifications in limbo looking like they have been automatically promoted.

The only major pain is spending huge sums of money from loans to get these grades that have now become meaningless.Their degree counterparts stand at a better chance in future when it comes to promotions.However, teachers should not be demoralised from obtaining higher qualications because no one knows what the future holds for them

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