On Tuesday, August 25, Education CAS Zack Kinuthia raised concern on how school heads were submitting an exaggerated list of staff as well as adding tutors that had not been registered by the Teachers Service Commission.

Despite releasing the funds, PS Belio Kispang stated that the money would only be channelled to teachers after data issued by school heads.

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In a circular signed by PS Kipsang, BOM Teacher will be forced to forego three months pay as the Ministry outlined tough conditions for the broke teachers.

The board teachers will earn salaries for five months for the period between August and December and will miss out on May, June and July salaries. Each teacher will receive Ksh 10,000 per month.

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BOM teachers who were working as at March 15 were the only ones earmarked for the pay. Payment should be made monthly, not in advance Kipsang defended the stringent criteria.

The Ministry also released funds for free secondary education at a capitation rate of Ksh 5,151 per student.

Kipsang directed the funds to be used to maintain and improve school infrastructure, pay non-teaching staff and cover administration costs.

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From the Ksh 5,151 per student, Ksh 500 will be for maintenance, Ksh 3,226 for personal emoluments and administrative costs per learner, Ksh 675 for National Health Insurance Eduafya program and Ksh 750 for BOM teachers


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