Several years have now passed since the introduction of the delocalization of teachers to other counties far from their homes. This initiative was brought about by their employer Teachers Service Commission. It has come to the public attention that many teachers have suffered from this initiative even as TSC plans to roll out the exercise of mass transfer of teachers. looks at some of the effects to the delocalized teachers.

1) Family break up/ divorce.

We are aware that a teacher is a person over 18 years of age and has the right to own a family. Delocalization of teachers caught many teachers unaware. Teachers were moved to new counties and left their families back in their home country. A research carried out shows that many teachers’ families have now parted ways/divorced. This is said to be caused by the distance the two partners are staying. With time suspicion of partners, one if not the two becomes unfaithful to the other, others may have side chicks and this has messed many teachers’ families.

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2) Disease contracting and bad health

It’s well known that many teachers have no personal transport means. As they are moving to their workplace, they use public vehicles. This comes at a time when the viral disease is clearing many people. Covid-19 is one of the diseases that has messed up our teacher. Several teachers have died from this virus. Many teachers have developed health problems due to delocalization like high blood pressure, diabetes among others.

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2) Unplanned accidents

Through this research, it shows that since the delocalization of teachers began, we have lost many teachers through road accidents. Many teachers travel during the weekend to see their families back in their home counties. Many have met their death due to this unnecessary movement initiated by delocalization. This happens mostly as they are rushing back to jobs on Sunday evening or early hours of the morning.

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The above-named negative effects are just a few among many others which have messed up our teachers. It’s the public cry that teachers be allowed to work in their home counties to avoid this. Their employer should find it wise to retain teachers in their home counties as it used to be. Let’s protect the teacher from all the bad things that may occur due to delocalization.


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