The quagmire surrounding the payment of BOM teacher seems to have come to an abrupt end. This is after the ministry of education advanced to collect their data from respective schools which will guide in their payment process. The move will see BOM teachers and school support staff get paid.

Through a circular to county directors of education, both primary and secondary schools head have been asked to submit data for BOM teachers for verification. Apparently, this data is what the ministry will use to pay BOM teachers.

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The ministry would like to verify the Bom teachers and in the schools listed in the attached document. In the document one is required to confirm their employment status in the school by 15th March, 2020 and relay that information to this office by Wednesday 12th August, 2020 using the format below.

School Name
No. of Teachers
Name of Teacher

This indicates the governent’s commitment to pay the BOM teachers.

Schools have experienced financial problems since the inset of Covid 19 pandemic which led to their closure in mid march. Since then, government funding to schools stopped leading to school crisis including lack of funds to pay salaries for BOM teachers, support staff and school utility expenses. Without the salaries, BOM teachers have been living hand mouth with the hope that one day, their prayers will be heard.

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It was all smiles when CS Magoha announced the government’s intention to cushion the BOM teachers by paying them salary at the end of this month.

However, last week, funds were released to schools through the NEMIS only to be withdrawn without any notification or explanation. This has led to uproar from principals, BOM teachers, support staff who had looked forward to solve their financial woes.

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This latest gesture will definitely bring back hope more so the BOM who have gone for five months without salary.

Schools may open in January 2021 with community teaching set to start in September 2020.


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