Teachers service commission is a constitutional government agency which draws it’s mandate from article 237 of the Constitution.

It’s mandated is to register, hire, transfer, Promote and exercise disciplinary control over teachers countrywide.

TSC Promotions are in two categories namely: competitive Promotions and automatic promotions for common cadre grades.

Earlier this year, over 30000 teachers who were shortlisted for competitive promotional interviews showed up in various centers countrywide.

However, the commission only wanted to fill 16000 vacancies hence it had to use a selection criteria which emphasised on gender, regional balance, experience and affirmative action.

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The criteria saw qualified teachers get their letters of promotion stating their new roles, salary scales among others.

Out of the 16000 lucky tutors, slightly over 6000 of them represent those that had stagnated in job group L or C3 for years.

It was all smiles for this lot that had stayed in one grade for an average period of 10 years without any annual salary increment that is meant to cushion workers against inflation and other vagaries.

Below is a sample letter of Promotion to senior master IV which is an entry grade to administration.

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The letter clearly stipultes the new responsibilities the teachers will be undertaking upon assuming their new roles.

The teachers are to remain in their current stations contrary to what many believed. There were fears that teachers would be delocalized to other areas upon Promotions.

Another important thing to note about the new position is that the performance will be based on annual performance contracting for school administrators.

According to the letter, the annual salary for teachers in this grade ranges from ksh 627696-667248 besides other allowances. This brings the maximum for this job group to Ksh 55,000 per month.

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However, a close look at the CBA 2017, the basic salary for job group C4 ranges between ksh 52,308-65,385 as shown below. The new salary therefore is lower than what the CBA had stated.

Hope the commission will move with speed and correct this anomaly, otherwise teachers won’t feel the monetary impact of the promotion.

All the best to the new administrators. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.


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