The government for the last two months, has been expressing it’s intentions to pay teachers ,employed by school boards of management. This after the said teachers were forced to go with salaries following closure of schools. The event was occasioned by covid19 pandemic that made it necessary for president to order closing of schools to curb the spread of the virus.

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The payment of Bom teachers has therefore, been in public domain until 1st September, when teachers service commission, advertised jobs on its website. This overshadowed the Bom salaries issue, as the public now concentrated on trending jobs. However,the education cabinet secretary,prof, Magoha may have thrown fire on schools principals’ desk, when he reiterated that Bom teachers have already been paid.

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His remarks could mean that, money has already been sent to schools and it’s the school principals who opted to swallow, instead of paying the said teachers. Therefore the public eye is now on these heads of schools, to respond to professor Magoha’s claim or be dubbed Bom millionaires.

However, if Magoha’s statement is true, then the corruption level in the country may be the next level. And president Uhuru should take a the mantle, to bring justice to the embezzlers of public funds.

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