The ministry of education has moved to clarify on how the teaching and non-teaching staff should be paid in schools.

On a circular dated 20th august 2020, education permanent secretary, Belio Kipsang acknowledges release of funds to schools. According to the PS, the verification exercise for BOM teachers data has come to and end today and they will start receiving salary from the month of August.

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The funds released should be used according to the vote head described in the circular sent. Belio noted that the ministry released Ksh 5,151 to schools by 20th august.

Maintenance and inprovement of facilities will take kshs 500 per student.

Other vote head (personal emoluments) has kshs 3226 from each student.

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The personal emoluments will be used as follows, payment of non-teaching staff.

Payment of school bills including water and electricity. At the same time in administrative costs until 2020 December.

Further the circular indicates release of kshs 750 per student for the payment of BOM Teachers in school.

The kshs 500 for maintenance will be added to the first term funds released on January to schools.

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They will be used in preparing the schools infrastructure to keep at bar to the ministry requirements for school reopening.


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