The Covid -19 pandemic hit Kenya on March forcing schools to be officially closed. This made some jobs jobs to be closed forcing people to be on unpaid leave. The BOM teachers and private teachers were greatly affected due to this.

Unfortunately for the BOM teachers they have not been receiving their pay as they were given unpaid leave for the past 5 months. The government had promised the teachers and their staff that they were to release funds to them.

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However, the funds had been released and later reversed the funds again. The ministry of education in a statement send to media, it confirmed that the money was reversed due to technical error as they had released all the money for two terms. The money has how ever been sent back to Schools

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The ministry then cleared the air saying the money was reversed due some technical errors and the money has been reversed back again to schools. They have been told to practice patience as their salaries will out soon enough.

The BOM teachers are however advised to continue exercising patience as their salaries will be in their accounts by not later than 15th August.

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