According to government capitation to cater for bom teachers payment of 750/- per learner will be a blessing to big schools and a curse to small schools because of the following reasons.

Big schools have high number of learners and as well it has many TSC teachers meaning if they receive the capitation funds they can be able to pay their bom teachers fully for the entire period of six months.

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Small schools have less than 100 learners and many bom teachers compared to big schools ,so the capitation of less than 100 learners is less than 75000/- and bearing in mind that they have around 3 to 5 bom teachers that are suppose to get 10000/- per month.

Most of the bom teachers in small schools are not TSC compliant because most of them are school based students and others are not trained teachers.

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Because of this reasons the goverment should reconsider small schools and not entirely on population alone just the way they consider budget allocations to counties.


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