Since the schools were closed in mid March, teachers employed by school boards have been going without salaries. Their suffering was put into consideration, as the government opted to cushion them. This was enhanced by sending money to schools to facilitate the payment.

Recently, the chairman of principals Mr. Indimuli, confirmed the receipt of the money by the schools. This was good news to all teachers who are employed by school boards. That their long suffering was to end. Various principals have since then communicated to their teachers, about when the money will be in their respective accounts.

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A good number of these teachers have confirmed to have been paid their salary. This ascertains president Uhuru Kenyatta’s remarks made during presidential covid19 brief in june. As he promised about government planning to cushion bom teachers. And with the payment scheduled to continue upto December, it will help these cohort of teachers to settle the debts, that they have accumulated since March.

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However, some are yet to receive the said money. Though it’s certain that they will receive their salaried in due course.


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