Schools heads have completed preparing data for the payment of BOM teachers. And now everything seems to be set for them. The teachers have been asked to counter-check their names in the concluded payment list.

Since March 2020, BOM teachers were sent into an indefinite unpaid leave until normalcy would resume in schools.This move crippled these civil servants as most of them depended on the job.

The union of teachers KNUT came into their rescue and requested the Ministry of Education to consider paying BOM teachers amid this pandemic just like their TSC counterparts.

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This fight has received setbacks from claims that the money were dispensed from the Treasury Ministry but due to undefined means, it was reversed back to the ministry.

This move caused wrangles across the country as everyone lamented on behalf of the teachers.The CAS of education Zack has for several times tried to cool down the teachers that the money will soon be dispensed into school accounts.

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Rising claims brought up by the ministry defending their delay, was that some School principles were using that means to loot the money.They inflated ghost BOM teachers in the lists for their own personal benefit.

Another sensitive claim was that some schools had not complied a full and accurate list of the students data in various schools. The data was to be used to determined the number of BOM teachers in every school.

Yesterday After His excellency the president sent all Cabinet and permanent Secretaries to a mandatory leave, BOM teachers were devastated as the chief of Education CS Magoha wouldn’t be around to enable to money to get to schools.

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However, through the, a list of BOM teachers in all counties has been produced and they are asked to counter check their names. If anyone will not have his name in the list should immediately raise alarm and visit either the principle of his/her school or ministry of education in his county.


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