Many of the primary teachers have been dealt a blow after Teachers Service Commission reached an agreement not to recognise a degree in promotion and deployment of teachers into secondary school. This comes after a long entanglement between the commission and primary teachers.

Over the years teachers in primary have spent their holiday trying to obtain the degree. It was until a large group began attending the vocational training when TSC started raising concerns over the motive. Since then, TSC has always openly opposed the move and warned that teachers will only get promotion to the next job group based on learners performance in class and not degree papers.

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Teachers Service Commission argue that teachers spend most of their time reading a practice that lowers the Teacher’s productivity in class. With the introduction of the TPAD, a performance evaluation mechanism that assesses the performance of a teacher, the undergraduate degree will be rendered useless in teachers promotion.

Gone are the days when education was a path to employment and promotion on the job cadres. It has always been believed that the higher one gets educated so is his or her payslip. This trend could be a dream to a section of workers employed by teachers service commission.

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The commission has also said it won’t recognize or adjust salaries upwards when primary school teachers acquire degrees. The employer argues that a degree is not needed in teaching a primary school. Henceforth,all those who had their salaries adjusted before the final decision was reached,will have to stagnate at their current job groups until the others rise and they become at the same level.

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Deployment to secondary schools has also been ruled out in favour of fresh,jobless university graduates.This comes after covid19 has rendered majority of these qualified teachers jobless.Many who were working in private schools,and other B.O.M teachers.To fix the situation,TSC tries to increase the number of new teachers to recruit by not filling the existing vacancies through deployment of teachers.

The move could deal a blow to primary teachers,who had already obtained higher qualifications awaiting deployment to secondary school.


  1. Not fair at all to ,I’m disappointed after scoring a B- long ago (2001);
    then struggling to get good qualifications amid lack of money then to be told no promotion!!!

    • Why should teachers who advance in their education and are also working hard to achieve good results in their respective schools be punished by being denied what they rightly deserve. This is contrary to tsc constitution and terms of employment . It’s detrimental t o teachers progress. Be human and genuine in your dealings. For long tsc has been a body of integrity in all its dealings. What’s happening now?

  2. What if all teachers goes for degree in order to be promoted? Will these improve the children’s welfare.I salute Mrs Macharia so that hardworking teachers get rewarded.


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