On 1st September, TSC advertised teaching vacancies together with deployment slots. Amidst all the recruitment and promotion or deployment excitement in the social media sphere, there’s a section of teachers who are suffering in silence.

As they have no one to turn to, as TSC has slammed the door shut on their face. The elephant in the room is the fact that TSC doesn’t consider anything below C+ at form four. This is especially for those with p1 certificates and have obtained a bachelor’s degree in education.

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Hence many have degrees, but don’t qualify for promotion or deployment. There is a look into uncertainty, a fate sealed permanently with the stroke of the pen.

No respite in sight despite colleges such as Kenyatta University, Nairobi University, MKU and others accepting p1 certificates in the past as sufficient for acquiring degrees.

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And perhaps TSC with a history of accepting Cs with p1, and bachelor of education degree for promotion.

The sudden adherence to this law was muted around 2013. This was when TSC sent reports to Universities pointing out their slacken enrolment procedures.

This went against the CUE regulations, whilst all along the employer was complicit in teachers acquiring degrees with lower grades.

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Therefore, there is a need to relook into the matter, and not victimize teachers who had enrolled around that time. This is because, they invested in self education and are holders of various degrees conferred by the university.


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