Today news headlines are not good and favorable at all to a teachers in the country.

Especially the BOM teachers and the Teachers preparing for community based teaching.

This is because the minister for education and CAS kinuthia have been sent to a compulsory leave from the president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

Not only them but all other cabinet secretaries in the country were required to start their leave as from today.

Magoha delayed payment of Bom teachers citing corruption allegation from the teachers as the main reason they reversed the cash.

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Last week education CAS Zack Kinuthia recorded a video of himself imforming the public that they will pay the Board of management teachers by the beginning of next week.

Yesterday Magoha said they are cleaning and closing all the loopholes to avoid corruption allegation from the principals.

Now they have been forced to go home before finalizing what they were supposed to do.

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They haven’t released cash yet to schools until now.

Today is on sartuday which means they won’t process the payments today.

Probably they will resume the whole process when they will be back to work after the off.

At the same time, teachers who have alrsdy registered for community based learning.

How will they be guided?. Who will give them direction when the whole ministry is out.

Belio kipsang also had to go for a compulsory leave.

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This is a blow to teachers who had high hopes of being paid cash and at least push life abit.

Magoha should be informed that teachers lives matter.

Private teachers will also have to wait until they are back to approve the loans they had promised them.

Why should Magoha try to take time on giving out funds until now the situation has worsened.

Meanwhile teachers will never die, they are hero’s who physically but strong spiritually.


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