Teachers employed under Board of Management in secondary School are likely to suffer a big blow yet again after the government announced its ittention to slash school fees in secondary schools. This group of teachers are staring at a possibility of salary deduction should the the move by government sail through. Normally, the BoM teachers are targeted by school Principals whenever there’s financial constrains in these institutions.

Schools remained closed most part of last year when there was Covid 19 outbreak. And there was uncertainty over when the schools would open. During the period the BOM teachers had to endure going without salary as most schools heads opt not to pay them.

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Understandably, small school could not manage to pay both bom teachers and support staff salary. Their operation finance in on a limited scale.

However, big schools took advantage and denied their teachers the pay. There were even reported cases where the money meant for the BoM teachers was embezzled.

With the fees reduction and possibility of increased form one intake, most schools are likely to suffer the consequences of it. And occasionally from the past, when similar situation arises Bom teachers are the first victims. The situation they are familiar with. Some schools might even opt to trim the staff. However, it remains to be seen how the situation unfold out.

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The BOM teachers are normally employed under unclear terms what leaves their fate on the hands of the employer.

On Monday Education CS George Magoha announced that the government would slash the amount of fees paid at secondary schools, stating that his ministry formulated a new academic calendar that reduced the number of weeks in a term from 39 to 30.

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Magoha’s ministry noted that parents were grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected livelihoods. Workers were retrenched and others subjected to salary cuts.

In a circular dated Wednesday, June 16, sent to all school heads Magoha through Education CAS Juma Jwan announced that the new fee structure will be enforced starting July 26, 2021, to March 4, 2022.


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