The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) fully implemented the final phase of the CBA which increased teachers’ salaries drastically. In this article i will be talking about the allowances teachers will be paid alongside the increased salaries.

Most allowances are paid on monthly basis and TSC pay allowances paid to teachers depending on factors such as the work station, job grade of individual teachers, responsibilities and others like type of learners handled. Firstly, allowances paid to teachers are classified as either remunerative or reimbursable.

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There are two types of remunerative allowances which are automatic and those paid upon application ;


House allowances

Medical allowances (No longer paid to teachers; deducted and paid directly to Minet insurance and another is given to the NHIF)

Commuter allowances

Hardship allowances

Leave allowance

Allowances paid upon application

Transfer Allowance

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Interpreters Allowance

Readers allowance

Special duty allowance

Responsibility allowance

And finally there are the reimbursable expenses that the commission gives to teachers that is traveling expenses and Quota per diem.


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