All TSC Employed teachers and teachers not yet employed by the Teachers Service Commission will undergo a mandatory post training certificate if the new proposal by the teachers’ service commission concerning teacher education goes through.

The Post Training Certificate for In- Service Teachers will target all in service teachers and teachers not currently Employed by TSC, but have completed corresponding teacher education courses. The teachers to be enrolled in this course are graduates of:

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Early childhood development education training

Primary teacher education training

Diploma in teacher education training

Bachelor of education

Diploma in education

Special needs education

The post training teacher certificate course will be offered within a duration of 9 Months during School Holidays.

Teachers who will be undertaking the post training teacher certificate course will also do micro teaching during this training The rational for the post training teacher certificate course is CBC compliance and the learning areas will involve:

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Competency based curriculum learning areas and pedagogy 21 century principles and practices of teacher education, Andragogyand lifelong learning assessment, Action research Inclusivity Coaching and mentorship identification and nurturing of learner potential. Blending content and pedagogy micro teaching Practicum, supervision and assessment Reflective teaching and pedagogical reasoning.


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